Roland Special Risk Solutions

Welcome to Roland Special Risk Solutions (Roland SRS). As your partner with 165 years of experience in complex insurance-matters we are at your disposal.

Our agency agreement makes us a preferred partner of Munich Re. The agency division is therefore the heart of Roland SRS. By covering non-conventional insurance risks, we provide you with the accurate security that you need.

Our effort starts where other insurers shy away from risk – for example in series claims. One single mistake in the design, manufacture or specification of an industrially manufactured product (such as a gearbox, bearing or rotor) often directly affects the balance sheet of a company. A cover which, in such cases and even as a pure defect, would fill in as a risk-transfer-solution, could not be found before.

We take on this risk for you. Our experts identify the possible scenarios in due time and develop an insurance solution, which in the case of an emergency, delivers.

Our ambition is as technical insurance-wise pioneering-spirit, which pushes the frontiers of the possibility forward and has appetite for the new – for example did we develop and implement solutions for exposed and highly complex risks for the young offshore- wind industry but also for established industries as well as the maritime industry.

Our main areas of expertise

We especially developed a focus in the following areas of expertise:

  • Insurance of project-, production- and logistic risks
  • renewable energies
  • Energy-sector and energy-grids
  • Technical risks of any kind (such as series-claims, defects- and retrofit-covers)
  • Special maritime risks (such as shipyards, designers, undersea cable laying for performance covers)
  • Aerospace industry
  • Engineering, construction and installation companies

Our offer is directed at industrial companies (and their insurance brokers as well as captive in-housebrokers), government organisations, municipal companies, organisations, banks, investors, insolvency administrators and restructuring law firms as well as insurance companies.

Roland Agency

Share your risk with us! Our services in Special-Risk-Solutions protects your company and preserves your equity capital – non-cancellable and fixed for many years. With the cover of special enterprise risks we can transfer defined parts of the entrepreneurial risk, especially non physical loss risks, to the insurer. Further information can be found here.


Furthermore, we offer services in the following areas:

Roland Consultancy

As a consultant, we stand by your side for any problem and complex insurance matters. 160 years of experience and major know how for challenging insurance-concepts: You will find us to be problem-solvers. Further information can be found here.

Roland Services

Experienced engineers, captain’s, lawyers and insurance brokers are at your disposal for services in the area of insurance – flexible, reliable and individually tailored to your requirements. Our main services can be found here.

Roland Re

Here, we are and have been at our client’s disposal for many years with the broking of facultative reinsurances for example in the offshore-wind industry.

Our clients benefit from the vast experience and precise knowledge of the industry. That is how you receive an optimal tender basis for truly viable and favourable reinsurance-cover. Further information can be found here.


If you have any further questions or wish to receive an assessment, how we might be of service to you? Do not hesitate to contact us at +49 (0)421 988868-300 or -196. We will be happy to hear from you.