The traditional insurance structure

In the construction and operation phase wind-park projects are standardly covered against accidents, material damage and natural disasters as well as the resulting loss of profits (LOP). Subsequent upon material damages also liquidated Damages (LD), warranties and availability guarantees are covered.

For this, we offer “State of the Art”- project-insurance programs, which can be drafted as owner controlled, contractor controlled insurance programs or contractors DIC (Difference in Condition) in OCIP’s (owner controlled insurance concepts).

In addition to the covers, contractors may also cover LOP-claims, increased costs of working, liquidated damages caused by physical damage. By incorporating the physical material damage claims the contractual sum insured thus the limit of liability of the insurer is quickly reached.

In order to make projects happen, who’s risks cannot be covered through the conventional ways, we developed our Risk-Transfer-Solution which exceeds the conventional insurance-offers.