Consultancy activities

Every insurance situation is different since every sector has its own characteristics, which require specific know-how. As a specialist for complex demands, you have found the right contact for practically every situation in the insurance business.

For example:

  • If you are an investor or a financing bank and require an insurance-advisor in German or English.
  • We consult in connection with insurance solutions on the basis of statutory frameworks, e.g. the “Energiewirtschaftsgesetz” and the “EEG”.
  • We consult and comment supply- and construction-contracts in the energy sector, International plant construction and especially the offshore-wind sector with respect to insurance clauses, liability and split of risk in German or English.
  • We consult in the area of special orders also as a “second opinion” especially for customers in the energy sector, offshore-wind and plant-construction and grid operators.
  • We are at your disposal regarding any industry- and technology-related insurance questions.
  • We consult order and solution-oriented for liability and cover-problems as well as complex claims, even when “the horse has already been bolted”.

 Utilize our know-how of 165 years of experience!