Risk Transfer Solutions

Our services of risk transfer solutions are directed at the offshore-wind industry, Turbine manufacturers and their suppliers, producers of components but also shipyards and installation-contractors. In principle, all industrial OEM’s.

Risk Transfer Solutions typically cover a defined part of the entrepreneurial risk – especially in the offshore-wind industry appropriate solutions are a key factor for the long-term security of the company.

The offshore-wind industry is still young and experiences rapid growth and large leaps in innovation. However, it is also shaped by consolidations and cost cuttings. Especially when the elements of an established industry market are still missing and a simultaneously high price pressure within this innovative environment exists, risk transfer solutions are needed.

For its producers, project-, installation- and logistics-companies, a long term, sustainable market- and product development has not yet taken place.

Due to the nature of the industry, there is often not enough equity available to safeguard entrepreneurial technology risks permanently and corresponding project-related high requirements in delivery and service agreements.

Risk transfer solutions by Roland SRS covers this gap. This extensive insurance cover allows producers, installation- and logistics companies, to fulfil the hedges, warranties and financial guarantees demanded by the financing- and banking-side without stressing their equity.

We have courage towards your risk! Roland SRS paves the way for innovation and growth and therefore is an important partner of the industry.