RTS – New Cover

Paving ways, opening doors: With our Risk-Transfer-Solution we created a business-enabling-instrument to support industrial enterprises and medium sized companies. We also make it possible for medium sized producers to prevail against competitors with large budgets to establish their own products successfully in the market.

We support manufacturers and suppliers in entrepreneurial damages, which have high financial impacts on the business performance and are non-insurable through the conventional way. This way, guarantee promises in supply- and service contracts and maintenance contracts are credibly backed, and the balance sheet protected.

The Result: equity capital is not exposed and is available to be invested in entrepreneurial growth.

Example 1 – cover serial damages

Suppliers of components are required to have very high and long-term binding compliances and warranties, especially for serial damages.

With a Risk-Transfer Solution you can access this market and free yourself from financial long-term risk.

Example 2 – meet deficiency guarantees

Investors and banks demand extensive loss of earnings guarantees and liquidated damages for project-financed risks.

With our Risk-Transfer Solution you meet such demands and protect your equity capital.

Example 3 – extending financial leeway

Roland SRS operates as an insurance broker, who can cover such risks based on the agency-contract with Munich Re. We will go through an intensive process with you, and if desired, with your investors and banks, where the amount of cover is identified, which could put your projects inside the value-chain into economic difficulties.


The specific cover-packages apply primarily on serial-damage cover, which extensively covers the major technical loss scenario for on- and offshore wind parks much feared by producers and suppliers.

However, companies in the offshore-industry are not the only ones, which can profit from the risk-transfer Solution. Installation- and Logistics companies have similar problems, as they also have to provide extensive fulfilment, modification and warranty-guarantees for their promised services which extend far over the acceptable extend of liability – Roland SRS is ready to secure orders, which companies could not normally be able to accept due to the demanded liabilities. The same applies for shipyards and their technology risks in the area of new construction and modification (special vessels and platforms).

Traditional insurance or Risk-Transfer-Solution: Where is the difference?

Here you can find an example for the Area „Cover of serial-damages“ in the area of green tech solutions by Munich Re to download or open in a new browser window.